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Blog: NHL throw a party for the Stanley cup

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NHL throw a party for the Stanley cup finals games 3 and 4 in Nashville, and know how to have a good time is to let loose, because only it can be in the city. When the series moves to Pittsburgh for the fifth, the timing will continue to fall. For hockey purists, the hope is that this series will provide the most dramatic completion of the long haul. On the same purists and other game related to other people's fear is that the series will end in an embarrassing way, it seems entirely possible, because the union polarization offside video review rules the hockey community. Even if the happy players are celebrating on the ice, a less remote scene will see the goal of the victory overthrown. NHL implemented the video review system to make the phone correct. Although this goal is important, but the coach's challenge late in the game or the league itself offside evaluation need out of the law enforcers, glowing ice hockey and no mask goalkeeper: leave the game.

Before the final game, commissioner Gary Bettman announced at a news conference that the video comments were "ongoing as intended." A few hours later, the predator in after long time of video review, launched a PK Subban goal, attracted a lot of energy, ultimately change the composition of the hockey game is a very important. The most disturbing aspect is that, even after repeated viewing, many people still don't believe that Philip forsberg is actually offside. The NHL players have been using the line to determine whether or not they offside - sometimes incorrectly - and the game is not affected. Although video comments can and should be used to determine whether the ice hockey has crossed the target line, it should be ruled out by the side line. Like strikes in baseball and baseball, maintain a person's element and keep something in the hands of officials. Despite bateman's assurances, offside reviews work properly, eliminating or at least changing the process may be in production. Sportsnet reports that NHL's competition committee will meet with the cross-country review system on Sunday. For the good of the game, here's hoping NHL can feel it when it comes to the offside comments, in a video coordinator team was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player before the Stanley cup playoffs.

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