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Blog: ezTalks: Introducing Tools for Online Webinar

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ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is among the best mobile video conferencing apps designed to bring simplicity to online meeting. It includes a free version that supports high definition online meeting and screen sharing. Its premium version supports a meeting session of up to 40 minutes of 100 members at a time.

It comes with a number of unique features, such as hosting an online meeting, screen sharing, online meeting schedulingfunctionalities and remote control features. The mobile conferencing app also packed with other features, such as online meeting recording functionality, private chat, group chat, and interactive whiteboard among others. ezTalks Cloud Meeting is very secure as it is designed to encrypt participants information while traveling through the network as well as protect against fraud.


Its positioning can not be clearer: to make 10 times cheaper than GoToWebinar or Webex. Okay, ok, it's more like a web conferencing solution at first, but the list of features is still very long, and it may be suitable for some.
The "slightly different" solutions: Webikeo, JetWebinar

Beyond the purely "software to make webinars", some actors have positioned themselves a little differently ... and can therefore meet some of your needs oovoo alternative


Webikeo is a bit of a marketplace for webinars. On the enterprise side, the promise is not "only" technical: the advantage here is to have access to a large number of potential participants (then raises the question of the qualification of these people!). Indeed, filling your room is probably the most complex thing: finding a topic and running a webinar technically is not inaccessible even if you have to spend time mastering it.
So you buy a number of webinars, and these are pushed to the community, ensuring you still have a few people at the time you speak. Partially repurchased by Companeo, we understand the functioning of leads, which has always been the model of its new parent company.
Once you launch your invitations, everything happens directly in the Webikeo platform. alternative


JetWebinar is approaching the Webinar in a way that we can only like, since the company offers a "Webinar Automation" tool. Inevitably from there to Marketing Automation, there is only one step :)
The idea is to say that you play a webinar once, then it has to serve a larger number of people, to be played "on demand". Then, support for follow-up by e-mail, raises, proposal of other contents, etc. This brings us back to a pricing approach that is closer to our inescapables: $ 97 per month for 100 participants at the same time, $ 367 for $ 500 and $ 477 per month for rooms of 1000 people (but honestly, try to put 100 people in front of You;)). voipmobile

This is our turn to "software webinars" needs. There are now some tips and some tips to see:
If you have set up, or plan to do so, check the integration of your webinar software with Marketing Automation software. The main ones work well together and you will want to track and scorer contacts that consume webinar.
The software does not do everything ... It will also have to do some tests and investments on the hardware side. Here is the small checklist that seems interesting to us so that everything happens in the best conditions:
A good microphone! Managing the image is not very complicated, the software does it for you and you only have to have a good internet connection. If you are filming, the webcam built into your laptop will be very suitable, especially if your computer is under 2 years old. On the other hand, sound level, it is imperative either a headset (USB connection, anyone who cost more than 40 euros can do well as long as they have a microphone in front of your mouth), or a microphone , With good noise reduction and directional enough not to take the whole atmosphere around you. The micro-foot is essential as soon as you want to intervene to several online education vs traditional education

Another alternative is to use a "octopus" of good quality to make the sound via a telephone connection.
A dedicated room (and a little soundproofed). The sound quality (and therefore the listening comfort of the people who will attend your webinar) is paramount, and whatever capture system you use, the sound ambiance of the room in which you will be playing a lot. Avoid rooms on the street, open spaces, noisy environments, cut phone rings, put a sign on the door, warn those who play the table next to you and stay at least 15 meters from the toilet

A double screen. There it is for your own comfort. Always have a second screen on which to put your notes, and a window entirely dedicated to the webinar.
A big timer ... Timing is key! Keep the remaining time under constant eye. Timer of kitchen, ipad with one of the many timer apps, clock ... choose your weapon but be aware of the time that passes and respect that of your participants! free teamviewer alternative

And here is for our little magazine of software to make its webinars! Do not hesitate to share your feedback of experiences you too in comments !!

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