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Blog: Ronaldo clamoring to leave the team's news

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Ronaldo into the storm, which, "Marca" commentary article, the following is the original excerpt:

The story is not new, but this time, Ronaldo clamoring to leave the team's news or let Real Madrid surprised. Ronaldo added to the club troubled, his behavior is not fair to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid, but this team let him win the 3 Champions League championship, and let him have and Messi competition capital. Now, Ronaldo will be Real Madrid into a very complex situation, regardless of the end result is the transfer or sign a new contract, this thing caused by the trauma will not be cured.

Real Madrid's interests far above the players, including Ronaldo, of course. Even if Ronaldo leaves the team, everything will continue as usual. Real Madrid is ready for this moment, for the club, of course, this is certainly not the end of the world, Real Madrid only need to plan ahead in advance on the line.

In recent years, Real Madrid President Florentino players are completely spoiled, in many ways, Real Madrid have been benevolent.

If Ronaldo wants to leave, Real Madrid should advise him to change his mind, but if Ronaldo wants a bigger contract, let the club to bear his fine on tax issues, Real Madrid executives can not bow to submission. Because, Real Madrid over any player on top.

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