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Blog: The International Football Federation

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The traditional 90-minute game on the football field is likely to be changed in the future and replaced by the "60 minutes chronograph".

The International Football Federation is the official body of football rules development and revision, and they are discussing the feasibility of this revolutionary new program.

Traditional football game with 90 minutes time to time to time, but because of a variety of pauses, the real pure game time is often not 60 minutes. In order to improve this situation, remove the delay time and other adverse circumstances, the new rules have been put on the agenda.

The new rule is that a football match time is changed to 60 minutes, divided into 30 minutes on the second half, and once the game is interrupted (outside the ball, the player injured, etc.), the timer will stop walking, that is, this 60 minutes, will be pure match time. This is somewhat similar to the current basketball court timing method, only in the real game, the chronograph will go.

The revolutionary new rules were discussed in the revolutionary new rules

Former Chelsea legend Zola is now a member of the International Football Federation, he believes that this program is feasible. "I personally like this rule, because there are too many teams trying to take advantage of the time, in the lead will use a variety of ways to delay the time.

"So I think it's a good rule, the football game's pace is fast enough, there are some changes that I do not like, but this rule is a good idea."

According to the design of the new rules, most of the time to drag the time will become meaningless, because the game is interrupted, the chronograph will stop.

In addition to the rules will be discussed to change the idea, including "the game saved the penalty is not allowed to blank range, saved after the dead ball to re-kick the ball", kick the ball position changes, handball definition.

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