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Blog: Wii U's FIFA series

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Yes, you read this right - you have tried the portable PlayStation version, and cursed no buttons and those bulky joysticks, you have tried to put your game laptop on the train, laughed, and now finally can put Your FIFA 18 skills come out and about, still keep your cool

That's because this very convenient Nintendo switch will be FIFA 18. We do not know a lot of details, and the discussion will focus on the FIFA 18 version. To View More About FIFA 18 Coins at the reliable site

Trailer confirmed that FIFA was turnkey, and then we got EA Sports confirmed that it would be FIFA 18, but we've been burned up by the Nintendo version of the game.

Wii U's FIFA 15 did not bring the latest part of the latest game or major feature set. And, once bite, you can understand, for the Nintendo switch FIFA 18, there are some joke attitude.

If it is a full version, then we are super excited. If it is short, then the last may be on the road to our dream of "right" FIFA coffin nailed together.

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